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While we get Cowboy Mouth's dates together, head to their website to learn more about band members, check out merch, and give their music a listen!

Where Can I Listen?

Performance dates are coming soon but you can listen to Cowboy Mouth on Spotify and YouTube and they sell their albums on their website! Contact us to stay up to date on their tour dates.

Check out why Cowboy Mouth is so unique!

Like delcious gumbo, the New Orleans-born Cowboy Mouth uses a potent blend of musical ingredients – rock, blues, punk, funk, country, pop, soul and whatever else feels good – to create their bodacious, kickass tunes. Cowboy Mouth has perfected their wonderfully rambunctious style over the band’s three decades together. During that time, they have sold over half a million albums domestically, performed before more than 10 million people, and played over 3,000 concerts. 

“With every show, no matter where it is, we try to turn it into New Orleans during the middle of Mardi Gras,” frontman, drummer, and co-founder LeBlanc proclaims. “It’s like a southern gospel revival without the religion” – unless your religion is rock ‘n’ roll!

The Faces of Cowboy Mouth