Angelo Casino for Nevada State Board of Education Campaign

Angelo Casino is a Las Vegas teacher running for Nevada State Board of Education in District 1. With extensive experience in the classroom, Angelo’s daily interactions with his students continue to inspire him to advocate for their futures. As a teacher at Somerset Academy Lone Mountain, his passion for helping students both excel in their studies and give back to the community is evident through his role as Community Service Director, where he connects students with organizations such as Project 150 and Three Square, along with local nursing homes and food pantries. Angelo believes there is nothing more important than the future of education and hopes to continue being an advocate for both students and teachers if elected.

Brand Development

Ivory Star Productions developed a cohesive brand for Angelo Casino’s campaign, including:

  • Campaign logo
  • Professional headshot
  • Brand color and font guidelines
  • Biographies for social media and online resources

Social Media Marketing

An extensive Facebook campaign for Angelo Casino for Nevada State Board of Education was created to reach audience members within District 1 prior to the Nevada Primary election on June 9. With a predominately mail-in election, this campaign used messaging to educate voters on their candidates, including election resources from the Las Vegas Review Journal’s voter guide to encourage voting.

The social media campaign highlighted Angelo’s career as a teacher in Las Vegas; his passion to bridge the gap between students, teachers and the administration; and his vow to advocate for the future of education with issues including funding, culture and transparency.

Angelo Casino’s campaign received successful name recognition and votes within the district with use of video and photo advertisements, targeted messaging, testimonials, educational resources, and voter resources.

Community Blood Drive at Somerset Academy Lone Mountain

On Friday, May 29 Somerset Academy Lone Mountain and Angelo Casino hosted a blood drive with Vitalant Las Vegas to raise awareness of the severe blood shortage we’re facing during the coronavirus pandemic. The successful turnout resulted in 30 total units collected, each saving up to three lives, which impacted the life of 90 patients in need.

Shelter-in-place orders led to 205 blood drives canceled since early March in Southern Nevada alone, resulting in a loss of 5,438 uncollected blood donations. All blood types are critically needed right now, with an especially high need for type O, A-negative and B-negative red blood cells. As well, COVID-19 survivors have immune-boosting antibodies in their blood that may be the key to a treatment. Visit Vitalant for more information on how to donate in your community.

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